NCO(QESH)-Noise Control Officer

21-Mar-2023 18:05 PM

          A Noise Control Officer (NCO) is an employee who performs noise enforcement activities on behalf of a local, county or regional health agency that is certified under the County Environmental Health Act or an employee of a municipality with a model noise control ordinance approved by the Department.         Any re

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Responsibilities of facility Manager

21-Mar-2023 17:39 PM

The following are some of the responsibilities of a facility manager: 1. Identifying and supervising service providers and function contracts 2. Providing firms with cost-cutting and efficiency advice to increase the effectiveness of their facilities 3. Management of staff teams from multiple divisions 4. Performing preventative maintenance and ensuring basic facilities are well-maintained 5. Resp

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17-May-2023 15:28 PM

This course SWSHMI is specially designed for the supervisor who in the position of supervising the shipyard work about the safety and health of workers. The course Fee is $270+GST and this course has SDF funding for Singaporeans and PR Singapore. Chargeman, Foreman, WSH coordinator, the supervisor can attend the class and they must have Employability Skills (ESS) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Le

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Fire Warden Training Course-Customized course

17-May-2023 15:27 PM

Fire Warden Training Course     Fire training course is a comprehensive training program that provides participants with the      skills and knowledge necessary to perform the duties of a fire warden.    The course can provider topics such as fire safety, evacuation procedures, and firefighting.    Oil & gas Company.    Cons

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10-Mar-2023 11:46 AM

 EXAMPLES OF LOGISTIC SUPPORT             This is an example of what a logistics support specialist could do in their role, taken from a real resume. 1. Create and monitor distribution and inventory management procedures to achieve superior results and high customer satisfaction. 2. Become familiar with the DOD and other logistics organi

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IIMP COURSE - WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes

17-May-2023 15:26 PM

  Course name: IIMP (WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes).         •    The course covers the skills and knowledge required by the person.         •    Interpret incident management approach and structure to a certain scope and severity of the emergency   on the plac

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