Vehicle Banksman Training-VBTC

06-Jun-2023 10:21 AM

VEHICLE BANKSMAN TRAINING COURSE:            This course is newly introduced in this year. The name called the VEHICLE BANKSMAN COURSE. This course is a 4-hour course. The course fee is $100+GST.Funding is not available for the course. SDU Points are not available for this course. The staff who want to work in LTA Construction Projects. This cours

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Customized course (FEATC)

30-May-2023 13:31 PM

Fire Emergency Awareness Training course: The course is under the Customized course. This course ensures the safety in workplace.  This course is used to identify the common, cause and nature of the fire. This course is also helpful to how to recover the people from the fire accidents. The participants from the company or individual participants can take the course. The person who w

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29-May-2023 14:28 PM

OCCUPATIONAL FIRST AID COURSE WITH CPR + AED This course ensure the safety at workplace during any major accident or injuries. This course have 10 SDU Points. This course have the SDF Funding. So the participants who are the Singapore citizen and PR Singapore can apply the SDF Funding or Skill future credit. This course is a professional level course. Those who want to renewal WSHO License can ta

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First Aid Courses- FAC

26-May-2023 10:27 AM

To have adequate first aid equipment and properly trained first aid professionals at the workplace, both minor and major accidents along with other illnesses and symptoms can be treated immediately to some extent and lives may be saved easily. Recruiting qualified first aid experts with good experience at the workplace is a legal mandate as well for all construction companies. Though accidents ca

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Awareness & Internal Auditor Training ISO 45001:2018

25-May-2023 13:13 PM

Benefits of (ISO 45001:2018) Improve employee safety Boost stakeholder confidence Increase productivity Lower insurance costs Foster management involvement & accountability Reduce risk. Identify opportunities Stand out as an industry leader Gain a competitive advantage Engage employees in safety

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22-May-2023 12:02 PM

bizSAFE Level 3 to Level Star + ISO 45001 with SAC Accredited Auditing Organization Business SAFE community members are listed on the WSH Councils website and can utilize the bizSAFE logo on their business collateral (letterheads, business cards, etc) as a symbol of their safety commitment. Additionally, bizSAFE partners like government agencies, financial institutions, insurers, big companies,

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