Need of Overtime Exemption Audit

17-Jul-2023 11:59 AM

In accordance with the Employment Act, a maximum of 72 hours of overtime (OT) can be worked per month. An approved WSH auditor must endorse any overtime work that exceeds 72 hours per month for submission to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Overtime Exemption Audits assess the risk levels associated with work activities that are required to be performed beyond 12 hours a day in an organization.

Organizations applying for overtime exemptions are only subject to this audit.

What will an auditor assess?
Audits will be conducted by MOM Approved Auditors employed by Approved Auditing Organizations. A number of areas are covered in the assessment, including interviews with key personnel and verification of risk control measures.

Each risk assessment must consider the following components, according to the auditor:
1. In that workplace, the total number of extended working hours
Employees' types of work and workload
2. Additionally, they may assess adjustments to noise and chemical exposure limits, heat stress, and manual lifting limits where applicable.
3. This auditing procedure is designed to make sure that it takes into account any operational risk control measures that the business could already have in place.

After reviewing the risk register, our auditor will give the organization the thumbs up if they are happy with the results, have verified that all overtime work involves Low Risk, and have made sure that none of the activities are performed overtime.

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