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WSQ Manage Site Emergency (MSE)

This Competency Unit: Manage Site Emergency covers the skills and knowledge on emergency response
principles and introduce the techniques on the management of emergencies.
A competent individual must be able to successfully perform the following:
1. Deploy Company Emergency Response Team in accordance to their roles and responsibilities.
2. Apply the principles of Command, Control and Communication during emergencies.
3. Assess the effects of the emergency to make appropriate decisions to control and mitigate the emergency.
4. Apply the operations of an Information Management System during an emergency.
Primarily, people who require such competencies are supervisors and senior/lead technicians working in
the plant environment in the process industry.
In this unit, learners can acquire the required competencies to Manage Site Emergency using the
principles and techniques of emergency response.
1. Statutory and organizational requirements for emergency response.
2. Roles and responsibilities of Site Incident Controller (Onsite Emergency Manager).
3. Composition and responsibilities of Company Emergency Response Team (CERT).
4. Methods to implement and maintain effective standard of command, control and communication.
5. Understanding all possible major emergencies scenarios that are relevant to work place.
6. Importance of evaluating emergency for potential escalation.
7. Advantages of an effective information management system.
8. Components of an information management system.
9. Types of emergency response strategies to mitigate an emergency
This course aims to provide people already working in the process industry with the skills and knowledge
required to Manage Site Emergency. It is targeted at individuals who are currently supervisors or senior
technicians from the following sub-sectors:
• Chemical Production
• Oil & Gas Production
• Plant Construction
• Waste Management
• Energy Management
The competency unit would be appropriate for those with operational responsibilities Contents
Learners are assumed to:
Possess good knowledge in relevant organisational emergency response plans, procedures, policies
and processes
Possess good knowledge in emergency response concepts
Possess related training or work experience in a process plant
Be able to gather information and compile necessary data
Possess basic knowledge in decision making processes and models
Have communication skills using various methods and techniques
English language at proficiency equivalent to ESS Workplace Literacy Level 6
116 Lavender Street,
#02-01, Pek Chuan Building,
Singapore 338730
Upon successful completion of the course a Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded by Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
16 SDU & 5 CPD Points awarded upon successful completion of the course
SDF Funding available (subject to WSg Terms & Conditions).
Course Duration : 16 hours (Including 2 hours Assessment)
Assessment : Candidate will be assessed through various method such as written questioning, written assignment, case studies and oral questioning etc/Theory
Attendance : 75 % (Required)
Passing Mark : ,,,,, % for each assessment mode
Min Students : 5
Max Students : 20

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