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Safety Orientation Course ( Tunneling ) for Workers (SOC Tunneling )

This course aims to introduce workers to recognize common safety and health hazards and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid injuries and diseases while working in the tunnels.
Understand general safety in Tunneling Works
Identify hazards working in a Tunnel
Practice safety procedures when operating Tunneling Equipment and Machinery
Able to work safely in Confined Spaces
Practice safety procedure when doing Hot Work and working in Compressed Air
Competent in wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Know the dangers and precautionary measures associated with Tunneling Works
Workers who need to work in tunnels within a construction site.
Workers must have completed and passed CSOC to be eligible to attend this course.
116 Lavender Street,
#02-01, Pek Chuan Building,
Singapore 338730
Upon successful completion of the course a safety pass endorsed by Dynamic Safety Pte Ltd will be issued the participants.
SDF Funding available (subject to WSg Terms & Conditions).
Course Duration : 4 hours (including 15 mins assessment)
Assessment : Written Test (MCQ)/Theory
Attendance : 100 % (Required)
Passing Mark : 60% for each assessment mode
Min Students : 10
Max Students : 30

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