Does your company need ISO certification?

13-Aug-2020 17:15 PM

For companies in some industries, ISO certification may be required. Some benefits of ISO Certification. Saving time and money by identifying and solving problems Improving system and process efficiency Increasing customer satisfaction Being more competitive when tendering for contracts Getting more value out of all resources Dynamic Safety  ISO Consultants Provides consul

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Who Need to Study SOC Tunneling?

12-Aug-2020 17:22 PM

Who Need to Study SOC Tunneling?     Workers who works in the Subway and underground. They need to study the SOC tunneling course. The railway project, Tunneling works, Subway projects, and Underground works. The workers who are working under the above-mentioned line they should need to study the course. Any individual person or volunteers who want to work under the projects also take th

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How to retrieve my bizSAFE certificate after occurring an accident?

11-Aug-2020 12:00 PM

Once occurring accident in your workplace, your company undergoes into Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Program. This program helps companies to improve their workplace safety and health (WSH) performance by developing and implement a safety and health management system. It works two phases:                   Assessment and Surveillance. In the Ass

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07-Aug-2020 14:01 PM

A SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CP79: 1999) AUDIT is a process for managing workplace safety and health. The system features: Setting goals Planning Measuring performance Managing commitments and direction Workplaces must also audit or review their SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CP79: 1999) AUDIT regularly to ensure continual improvements. Dynamic Safety helps your organization to get this audit.

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HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

06-Aug-2020 14:20 PM

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is preventing biological, chemical, and physical hazards in the food production processes. HACCP system includes procedures and process control of the food chain. Haccp's major focus for consumers uses the food that will be safe and healthy. Haccp is the basic requirement of the food industry. Benefits of HACCP: Increase your stakeholders,

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How the companies can make themselves out of the problem at the workplace?

05-Aug-2020 17:21 PM

It's always advisable and a good decision for the financial health and better output of the company to engage with safety Training Programs. It gives workers safety in the workplace to avoid any health and safety-related distractions. Here in the Singapore area, we understand your safety training needs better than Dynamic Safety Consultants. We are a bizSAFE, ISO Consultants, and offerings t

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