"Safety Consultant Singapore"

12-Apr-2017 11:53 AM

To Boost the productivity and keep the profitability high it's always a kind of necessity to treat the workforce as the major asset of your company. Just not because Business Ethics entails this but also it is must for the health and soundness of the business targets of your company or industry.  In order to keep the worker headcount productive and efficient it's pretty affirmative t

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"QEHS Consultants in Singapore"

30-Mar-2017 18:19 PM

While the coverage is expanding of the ever increasing panorama of the ill issues of Environment, the problem still has the skewed focus that is the bad effects of these issues on the earth & human being in either direct or indirect way. Although the selfish nature of human beings doesn't allow us to focus on any other effect of the dents on the Environment that too majorly provided by hu

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"Safety - It's a Choice Not a Chance"

30-Mar-2017 18:23 PM

When it comes about working outside the most common notion arises in the mind of the worker is the Safety and security during the working hours to avoid any injury, accident or causalities and it’s nothing but nature of any living organism specially humans to stay safe in his or her surroundings. And as it was rightly said that Charity Begins at home, an attitude of wellbeing must start at

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"Bringing Safety to Your Workplace"

12-Apr-2017 13:13 PM

Not only the production techniques but there are several other factors that affect and enhance the production and output of the company. Let’s not dive into commercial aspects and stick to the one of the main production factor of a company, i.e. its workforce. Any unit’s workforce is of utmost importance just not because of it is the major and direct output force behind the company&rsq

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"Hazard Alert : Scaffolding"

12-Apr-2017 13:39 PM

While Building a new one or renovating an old building, Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction procedure. Reasons are numeral but scaffolding procedure is mainly popular for its low cost, easy availability and adaptability. While it has some amazing advantages at the same time it poses numeral risks to the workers and their health owing to its physically exposed nature. If OSHA obser

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"Save Water at Work"

12-Apr-2017 12:03 PM

With the over exploitation of natural water resources the natural occurrences of water mediums are getting contracted especially the fresh water resources. Although with the help of water treatment techniques the previously drained out water is being efficient reutilized these days but still the medical and health benefits to the human body of fresh water cannot be neglected at all.  There a

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