Learning outcomes of WSH-CMT

23-Sep-2021 11:38 AM

Learning outcomes of WSH-CMT: The training of workplace safety and health committee members will lead to zero injuries and accidents in the workplace. Training includes learning about WSH organization, hazards such as environmental hazards, electrical and mechanical hazards, and chemical hazards, as well as occupational health and diseases, risk assessment, accident investigation, and WSH prom

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Objectives of ConSASS Audit

22-Sep-2021 16:00 PM

Objectives of ConSASS Audit: Combined assessment method in term of standardization of audit checklist and assumption of a common audit scoring system.  This would enhance the consistency in the auditing process and grant cross comparison of worksites in terms of the capabilities in managing security and health risk. Mechanism to outline the maturity level for each and every element

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Basic traffic supervisor course - Objectives

21-Sep-2021 16:59 PM

Basic traffic supervisor course objectives: Now dynamic safety introduces a Basic traffic supervisor course with good quality standards and affordable prices. This course has skill future funding. This course covers the planning and maintenance of traffic control at the worksite and Highway. This course helps to increase the worker's safety and public safety. The participant should learn

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bizsafe level 3 - Q & A

20-Sep-2021 17:48 PM

bizsafe level 3 - Q & A: 1. We can’t find the L1 & L2 certificate you start processing the rest of the documents? No, the level 3 renewal process must be for L1 &L2 certificates. After that, we start the process for renewal.  2.    When Should I submit the renewal of bizSAFE? Present your renewal application 2 months before the expiry date or upon receiving

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17-Sep-2021 17:22 PM

BENEFITS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY(CSR)  Almost all firms are driven to grab corporate social responsibility due to scrupulous convictions, and doing so can bring several advantages. Corporate social responsibility(CSR) initiatives can, for instance, be a powerful marketing equipment, helping a company position itself favorably in the eyes of consumers, investors, and regula

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Condo Residence Course

16-Sep-2021 12:08 PM

Condo Residence Course: Condo residence means consist of large space it can be split up into many partitions with swimming pools, car parking, and garden. It can be used for selling. The example of Condos is the Residential and School Building.Condo Residence Course is a commercial / Residential related Course. The Condo residence course is Work at height course, Personal fall Protection equ

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