Workplace Safety Benefits

23-Feb-2024 14:43 PM

 The process of preventing work-related illnesses and injuries. An Environmental, Safety, and Health Policy statement is developed and a workplace safety program is implemented. The CSIP program. Involvement of management and leadership. A better quality of life:                  Health and well-being can be improved by addressing social determ

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Fire Emergency Awareness Training course - FEATC

22-Feb-2024 17:41 PM

Fire Emergency Awareness Training course is under the Customized course. This course ensures the safety in workplace.   This course is used to identify the common, cause and nature of the fire. This course is also helpful to how to recover the people from the fire accidents.  The participants from the company or individual participants can take the course. The person who want to jo

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Food Safety: Overarching Concepts and Terminologies

22-Feb-2024 17:37 PM

Food industry professionals use the HACCP system as one of their primary strategies. Controlling food production is a systematic process for ensuring food safety and preventing food changes. Health hazards are more likely to occur in production steps where control practices are used. For the implementation of HACCP in food industries, GMP and SSOP are required, which cover a number of food industr

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What are the benefts of using ISO 9001:2015 QMS STANDARD?

16-Feb-2024 14:01 PM

What are the benefts of using ISO 9001:2015 QMS STANDARD?  ISO 9001:2015 Is an internationally standard used by an organization to improve the quality standard of an organization Any of the organization who want to achieve these standard can use whatever the size and sector most of the companies follow these standard as for doing business with other organization and also customer have the co

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Workplace Safety and Health Committee Members Training (WSHCMT)

15-Feb-2024 12:24 PM

1.This course ensure the safety and health of the workplace. The workers will continually work towards a strong WSH culture and achieving zero percent work accident Injuries. 2.Upon the Successful completion of the course, the candidate knows the solution to come out from the following criteria Environmental Hazards, Chemical and Electrical Hazards, Occupational Workplace Health Diseases. 3.The

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SAC Accredited Auditing Organization Upgrade Your bizSAFE Level 3 to Level Star + ISO 45001

14-Feb-2024 13:15 PM

SAC Accredited Auditing Organization Upgrade Your bizSAFE Level 3 to Level Star + ISO 45001  The bizSAFE logo can be proudly displayed on company collateral (such as letterheads, name cards, etc) as a reflection of the companies' commitment to safety. bizSAFE partners also provide additional business privileges and advantages including government agencies, financial institutions, insure

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