SS 577:2012 - Water Efficiency Management System

20-May-2022 10:10 AM

The Water Efficiency Management System is designed to help organizations better manage water usage. With the help of government agencies and industry stakeholders, the Singapore Standards Council, has developed Singapore Standard SS 577 on Water Efficiency Management Systems. Why? By identifying, planning and implementing measures to achieve water savings through systematic management, the SS577

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19-May-2022 10:36 AM

Standard First Aid Refresher Course Any individual can attend the course who is interested to prevent people from unexpected accidents. This is a Hand to Hand Pumping method. The participant should take the course after two months after the expiry date. After the completion of the two months, they should be taken the new course. The refresher course contains the updated syllabus. Just recollect a

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What is a bizSAFE certificate?

18-May-2022 17:36 PM

bizSAFE is a business safety certificate for workplace safety. bizSAFE is a five-level process each level has an individual certificate. If your company has the bizSAFE certificate for workplace safety, so you will get the project, and also get the tender easily and it is a small part of your company's growth. We are providing the consulting, auditing, and submission service. Consulting: D

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Safety Orientation Course

18-May-2022 17:31 PM

Safety at work increases employee responsibility, including those working on the ground or in tunnels. Safety at work increases employee responsibility, including those working on the ground or in tunnels. In order for a worker to be effective, they need to know all the hazards he or she will encounter, as well as how to address any emergency situations. Workers who work in tunneling are required

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What is SS 506 ?

13-May-2022 10:20 AM

       An organization's OSH management system can be certified, registered or self-declared using Singapore Standard 506, and this standard is a useful guideline for establishing, implementing, maintaining or improving an OSH management system. Why SS 506 certification?             An effective OSH manageme

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12-May-2022 10:00 AM

Workplace Safety And Health Committee Member Training Each and every industry sector have a safety and health committee. So have some members of the committee. So they need this course to maintain the safety work policy in their company. They need to monitor all the workflow from the production, maintenance, and testing side. Their motto is Zero Workplace accidents in the workplace. So they take

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