Risk assessments typically have the following goals

28-Apr-2023 10:50 AM

       1. Establishing a risk profile that provides a quantitative analysis of the threats the organization faces. (Risk Assessment)        2. Ensure that IT assets and data assets are accurately accounted for.        3. In order to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities, safety countermeasures need to be justi

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FWT (Fire Warden Training )- Customized Course

27-Apr-2023 10:38 AM

       This course is under the Customized course. So the Dynamic safety will conduct the class based on the customer expectation and customer fully satisfaction. This is a four hour course. Any interesting candidate attending this course. This course explain the safety during the fire accident. While the fire accident occurs, the person know the cause and behavior of

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26-Apr-2023 10:15 AM

       ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The ISO certification process consists of three steps: consulting, auditing, and surveillance auditing. Consulting involves preparing all the documents in accordance with the management system. We will discuss the detailed process during the kick-off meeting. Our next step is to analyze the gap assessment (ga

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Benefits of a Risk Management

17-May-2023 15:07 PM

Risk management is a key component of industry sectors. The identification of opportunities is as important as avoiding or mitigating losses. You will be able to identify, analyze, and evaluate risks this way. An organization's future objectives cannot be defined without risk management. Benefits of a Risk Management Plan: It saves time, income, and assets. Safety and security are ensured f

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bizSAFE level 2

17-May-2023 15:16 PM

Shipyard Industry: A four main elements discussed for occupational safety and health program, bizSAFE level 2 Safety and Health training Hazard prevention and control Worksite analysis Management commitment and employee involvement Employee involvement provides workers develop and own commitment to safety and health protection for fellow workers. Worksite analysis provides the worksite

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Emergency Response and Crisis Management Development and Implementation(ERCMDI)

17-May-2023 15:15 PM

•    This course explains the technical requirements, how to put them into practice, and how to build a safety and security plan for use in an emergency.  Course materials: •    Create and uphold appropriate ERCM procedures. •    Create, carry out, and assess emergency drills. •    Evaluate the effectiveness of ER

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