"How to Conserve Energy at Work"

13-Oct-2021 13:26 PM

How can we Conserve Energy at Work?

Even a Small changes in Electricity Usage can help to decrease the amount of energy used. If people use less energy, there is less pressure to increase the available supply of energy.

The more energy we use the more we have to spend on Energy bills.

"Energy Efficiency” means using less energy for less outcome.

Some of the Tips as follows:

1. All Equipment’s should be switched off when not in use.

2. Make sure your equipment’s and systems are well maintained.

3. Get your Co-Workers involved in the effort to save power.

Here comes the "Energy Management System"  or ISO 5001

This standard enables organizations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption. This standard is applicable to all organizations.

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