"Keep Environment Safe and Clean"

08-May-2023 15:25 PM

The Environment has a huge potential to increase the Risk of infection. Therefore a Clean and Safe Environment is very important for everyone’s business. Workplace illness is one of the leading causes of inefficiency. This is due to the lack of cleanliness. The workplace is the place where several hours are spent by the Workers. We have to make sure that the workplace is safe and healthy. S

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"Shipyard Safety"

08-May-2023 15:24 PM

The Workplace Safety and Health Regulations stipulates that “It shall be the duty of every person not to carry out any work deemed hazardous in a shipyard or onboard a ship in a harbor unless he has undergone a Safety and Health Training Course approved by the commissioner for workplace Safety and Health. Accidents happen everywhere, but in Shipyard the workers work in are often dangerous i

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"Importance of Fire Safety Training at Workplace"

08-May-2023 15:18 PM

Fire and Safety Training Courses give a basic idea about Workplace Safety and Health Practices. Mainly these Fire Training Courses are conducted to educate factory employers, Staffs and other authorities about the necessity to implement safer and healthier practices at workplace. In Dynamic Safety we have Fire Warden Training Course to learn what to do and how to manage people to Safety in an eme

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"How to Prevent Falls from Height"

08-May-2023 15:16 PM

Falls from roofs and ladders account for most of the serious harm accidents. More injuries happen on construction site. Most falls from height occur not because the hazard wasn’t recognized the adequate measures were not taken to prevent the fall. An effective fall prevention program for employees working at heights can help reduce the fall and related injuries. Dynamic Safety provide Work

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"Importance of Risk Management"

04-May-2023 17:13 PM

Risk Management can be defined as to take the necessary steps by making changes to minimize and reduce the Risks. Whether it’s a Small office or Large Scale Industry. Risk Management is a Fundamental Principle that shouldn’t be overlooked. If we are not addressing it properly it can cause major issues like accidents, loss of productivity and injuries etc. Risk Management is nothing bu

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"How to Conserve Energy at Work"

13-Oct-2021 13:26 PM

How can we Conserve Energy at Work? Even a Small changes in Electricity Usage can help to decrease the amount of energy used. If people use less energy, there is less pressure to increase the available supply of energy. The more energy we use the more we have to spend on Energy bills. "Energy Efficiency” means using less energy for less outcome. Some of the Tips as follows: 1. All

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