"Safety Crane Operation"

08-May-2023 16:49 PM

In Construction and Manufacturing Industry usage of crane plays a vital role. It helps for a safer Operation while transporting. Technology has been developed for these operations including Safety training and workplace precautions. Worker should have the adequate knowledge of their Safety while doing Crane Operation. It reduces the risk of accidents or any near misses. We can prevent accidents by

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"Logistics and Transport Safety Orientation Course"

04-May-2023 17:21 PM

Logistics deals with the activity of organizing the movement or the Commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. Logistic and Transport Safety Orientation Course for Workers is a basic Workplace Safety and Health course for all workers who works in Logistic and Transport Industry. All employees who are trained will receive adequate knowledge that will enrich and empower them to be Safe.

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"Tunneling Safety"

08-May-2023 15:41 PM

Prevention is better than Cure, likewise taking care of safety is accepting responsibility at every level for the workers even workers working on the ground and in the tunnel. It means what are all the hazards that worker will face, they have to get trained for their effectiveness and they should know how to take care during emergencies. Tunneling Safety training is necessary for the workers who

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"Formwork Safety Course"

04-May-2023 17:19 PM

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. In the Construction sector use of Form, Work is very important. Formwork used to provide the exact formation of a building. This should be made with caution and it should be done by well-trained people. We can prevent Formwork failures by training the workers. Workers must be provided with safe access to the work. They have to be trained to use formwork.

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"Why do you want an Emergency Plan?"

08-May-2023 15:31 PM

How do you response in an Emergency Situation. With any incident or site emergency, immediate response is critical and the overall objective should always be the safety of all your personnel’s. Having an Emergency plan able to undertake the necessary actions for incident response. Plan should describe how the facility intends to protect their employees during emergencies. Employees can&rsqu

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"Importance of First Aid Training for Children"

04-May-2023 17:17 PM

For everyone it is very important to know some First Aid. Especially when it comes to children. If you have children or if you are working with children like care taker of children. They should know what to do when a child is in an emergency. By learning this First Aid Course we can take immediate action to help someone. An accident could happen anywhere, most injuries to young children happen at

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