"Safety Doesn't happen by Accident"

08-May-2023 16:59 PM

In a Company, Safety culture doesn’t happen by Accident. That Company decides to take the Safety Seriously, because all the life of employees are priceless. When we keep this in mind, it’s impossible to ignore safety in the Workplace. By Reducing the Risks, Preventing accidents, keeping up with the training, there will be a Safe Working environment. In Dynamic Safety we are doing Hea

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"Safety Tips on New Year's Eve

08-May-2023 16:58 PM

As a QEHS Service Provider, Dynamic Safety would like to share some of the Safety Tips during this Festive Season. The Festive season has begun. On New Year’s Eve, Don’t drink and Drive, have a designated driver to drive you around.  Make sure your driver is alcohol free for the night. When attending any events on New Year’s Eve, beware of your surroundings. If you are goin

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"Basic Cardiac Life Support"

08-May-2023 16:57 PM

Basic Cardiac Life Support used in emergency, the victim should be cared professionally. This Course includes First Aid Training with CPR & AED course. You will also learn about other important measures on a First Aid training Course. This Course will equip participants with knowledge and skills in resuscitating collapsed victims. It is a very comprehensive course encompassing critical lifesa

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"Basic Traffic Control Course"

08-May-2023 16:54 PM

Traffic evolves because of need to move people from one place to other. One of the principal challenges in traffic control is to accommodate the traffic in a safe and efficient way. Safety, the Management of traffic is to reduce or eliminate accidents. Traffic Control is a critical element in the safe and efficient operation of any transportation system. In Dynamic Safety we have Basic Traffic C

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"Construction Safety Course for Project Managers"

08-May-2023 16:52 PM

Construction Industry plays a very important role nowadays. If you are working on a building site as a Project Manager, you should be aware of Health and Safety Considerations for the Team. They should take the relevant training and the have to make sure that the team members have training too. In Dynamic Safety we have CSCPM Course Construction Safety Course for Project Managers. This helps to

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"Safety Crane Operation"

08-May-2023 16:49 PM

In Construction and Manufacturing Industry usage of crane plays a vital role. It helps for a safer Operation while transporting. Technology has been developed for these operations including Safety training and workplace precautions. Worker should have the adequate knowledge of their Safety while doing Crane Operation. It reduces the risk of accidents or any near misses. We can prevent accidents by

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