FAC- Basic Cardiac life Support Course

19-Jul-2023 10:13 AM

BASIC CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT COURSE +AED:                         This course is one o of the type of first aid course. Now the candidates apply the funding for the course. This is a one-day course. Individual people who want to take this course, attend this course. The main doctors, n

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BTSC- Basic Traffic Supervisor Course

18-Jul-2023 10:23 AM

BASIC TRAFFIC SUPERVISOR COURSE:                        This course is under Customized course. The course fee is $250+GST. This is a one-day course. So we can able to compress or expand the syllabus in the course content. This course is for all levels. For Worker, Supervisor, and Manager

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Need of Overtime Exemption Audit

17-Jul-2023 11:59 AM

In accordance with the Employment Act, a maximum of 72 hours of overtime (OT) can be worked per month. An approved WSH auditor must endorse any overtime work that exceeds 72 hours per month for submission to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Overtime Exemption Audits assess the risk levels associated with work activities that are required to be performed beyond 12 hours a day in an organization. Or

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Supervise Marine Work for WSH- SWSHMI

14-Jul-2023 11:58 AM

SUPERVISE MARINE WORK FOR WSH (SWSHMI):          This course is under the SSG Course. This course is 32 Hours Duration. Last Year In 2021, the course get converted to SSG Course. This course initiate the roles and responsibility of the participants. This course ensures the participants to evaluate the risk and able to solve the risk in the workplace. The pa

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WSQ Supervise Work in Confined Space Operation

13-Jul-2023 12:11 PM

                    Any individuals can take this course. The course fee is $350+GST. SDF Funding is available for the course. The needed documents are IC Copy and educational certificate. The candidate who are going to take this course having the educational certificate. The participants who are working

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Advantages of Risk Management Audit

12-Jul-2023 11:13 AM

The advantages of risk management                Managing risk is the process of identifying possible risks inside a business and creating a methodology for mitigating or eliminating them. Safeguarding business assets while maintaining staff safety is part of an effective framework.         &

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