Why ISMS required?

08-Apr-2021 17:17 PM

           For a company that has sensitive data more data-related work means, ISO 27001 is very useful to us. And Risk management is one of the key parts of ISO 27001, To see some list of potential benefits, and to learn how to present them, read this article: Four key benefits of ISO 27001:2013 implementation (establish, implement, operate, monitor, and review, maintained by continually improving an ISMS).
         ISO 27001 is a management standard it's not a security standard. It provides a framework for the management of security within an organization, but it does not provide a 'Gold Standard' for security, which, if implemented, will ensure the security of an organization.
ISO 27001 Benefits:

  • It provides a framework for resolving security issues and business resilience.
  • Provides policies in accordance with the internationally recognized criteria, structure, and methodology.       
  • Enhances customer confidence & perception of your organization.
  • Reduce the insurance premium.
  •  Assists in the development of the best practice