The duties of a fire safety manager

10-Nov-2023 11:40 AM
1. Comply with all emergency response plan provisions at all times
2. Ensure that all fire safety measures are maintained in the building
3. Ensuring that no part of any building exceeds the maximum occupant load prescribed by the Fire Code
4. Remove or arrange for the removal of any fire hazards found on the premises every day
5. Conduct fire drills for the tenants at least twice a year, or as the Commissioner deems appropriate (ii) develop and execute an Emergency Response Plan for the premises, and communicate that plan to the tenants.
6. Provide residents with information on building escape routes
7. Develop fire safety guides for residents, coordinate, and supervise an emergency response team for a facility in case of a fire or other emergency, and train the team in first aid, fire-fighting, and evacuation.
8. Provide training on first aid, firefighting, and evacuation in case of fire or other emergency to the premises' occupants
9. Coordinate and supervise the evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency
10. In the event of a fire or other emergency, oversee the Fire Command Center.