Purpose of achieving bizSAFE Level 3 certificate

30-Mar-2023 10:13 AM

What is the purpose of achieving bizSAFE level 3 certification?

     After your CEO / Top management has attained bizSAFE level 1 certification, and your MR has attained bizSAFE level 2, you can attain bizSAFE Level 3. You are eligible to apply for bizSAFE Level 3 if you possess the above-mentioned two certificates however you must submit a Risk Management Plan.

Benefits of BizSAFE Level 3 certification include:

  • Gain a competitive edge for your business
  • Recognized by bizSAFE partners & industry
  • Ability to apply the bizSAFE logo to your name cards, letterheads, and other materials
  • Having a BizSAFE level 3 certification is very important when it comes to bidding on government projects. Since plenty of big companies are certified by bizSAFE, it is also a key component when they seek partners.

        A BizSAFE Level 3 certification has a validity period of three years after it is approved. Enterprises that are bizSAFE certified can renew their certification after three years.

       Dynamic Safety can assist your organization in achieving Risk Management (bizSAFE Level 3) or WSH Management System (bizSAFE Level STAR)