Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Course (PFPEIC)

18-May-2023 15:22 PM

The majority of serious harm accidents are caused by falls from roofs and ladders on construction sites. More injuries happen there. Falls from height, however, are most commonly caused by inadequate measures being taken to prevent the fall, not recognizing the hazard. Employers who work at heights can prevent falls and injuries by implementing a fall prevention program. It is Dynamic Safety's objective to provide the necessary Personal fall protection knowledge to all course participants so that they can safely perform their WAH activities. A fall protection equipment inspector is required to complete this course based on legal requirements. By properly training and supervising workers, it can be avoided. We need to stop the unnecessary loss of life due to falling from heights. The cost of the course is $250+GST and it's an 8.5 hours course.We provide this course with the best trainers.