NCO(QESH)-Noise Control Officer

21-Mar-2023 18:05 PM

          A Noise Control Officer (NCO) is an employee who performs noise enforcement activities on behalf of a local, county or regional health agency that is certified under the County Environmental Health Act or an employee of a municipality with a model noise control ordinance approved by the Department.

        Any reasonable extension request (not exceeding 180 days) may be approved by the Noise Control Officer or Noise Control Investigator.

      A violation of the Noise Control Act may allow the violator to extend the compliance deadline for the enforcement action by requesting an extension from the Noise Control Officer or the Noise Control Investigator.

Responsibilities of a noise control officer include:

1. Research, monitor, and conduct other sound-related studies.

2. Provide programs or education on noise abatement and control that address the causes, effects, and methods to reduce and control it.

3. Public interest groups should be encouraged to participate in such public information campaigns.

4. Coordinate with all federal and state agencies as appropriate.

5. Regulations need to be drafted to control noise.

6. For technical and enforcement services, it is recommended that contracts be entered into with the approval of the city council.