Level 1 (bizSAFE)

19-May-2023 10:48 AM

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can build up their workplace safety and health capabilities through the bizSAFE program administered by the Workplace Safety and Health Council. SMEs can gradually develop their capabilities with the programmer's five-level approach. A comprehensive WSH system will benefit SMEs participating in this program and gain recognition. bizSAFE Level 1 training needs to be completed by top management for an enterprise to begin its bizSAFE journey

What will you learn:

1. An overview of the WSH Act and its subsidiary legislation
2. A brief overview of the bizSAFE concept and risk management concept
3. Establishing a safety culture that is conducive to safety
4. A balance between profitability and safety is necessary when it comes to financial planning.
5. Development of a suitable workplace health and safety policy