ISO 9001:2015(Quality Management System)

30-Mar-2023 10:08 AM
       ISO 9001 is a standard of Quality. An ISO 9001 certification verifies the quality of products manufactured and work performed in an organization. All types of industries can obtain ISO 9001 certificates. Because this certificate is based on quality. The concept of quality is common to all industries. The ISO certification will increase sales and market share. The certification body provides ISO certificates. ISO certificates have this rule. A surveillance audit should be conducted once a year for ISO-certified companies.
BENEFITS OF ISO 9001:2015:
1. This program is beneficial to both small and large businesses.
2. The company's management has been improved.
3. Reducing the amount of waste is achieved.
4. An increase in efficiency, productivity, and profit.
5. Increased customer retention and acquisition.
6. Measuring and monitoring consistent outcomes.
7. An internationally recognized standard.