IIMP COURSE - WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes

17-May-2023 15:26 PM

  Course name: IIMP (WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes).
        •    The course covers the skills and knowledge required by the person.
        •    Interpret incident management approach and structure to a certain scope and severity of the emergency   on the place.
        •    The course are attend the professional level (manager and supervisor).
        •    One day course.
        •    The course amount $ 260+ GST

  • SDF funding is available (Singaporean or Singaporean PR) for this course.

   Who should attend?
        •    Chemical Manufacturing Company.
        •    Oil & gas Company.
        •    Construction Company should attend course.
        •    People with operational responsibilities would benefit from this competency unit.
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