Construction Safety Audit Scoring System

03-Jul-2023 13:58 PM

Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS)
An auditing tool called the Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS) offers an unbiased evaluation of the safety and health management system at a jobsite.

All construction sites with contracts of S$30 million or more must complete their mandatory SHMS audits starting on August 1st, 2011, using the ConSASS audit checklist.
Each component of a worksite's safety and health management system has a profile provided by ConSASS that describes its development state and maturity level. This enables management of the organisation to more effectively allocate resources in order to raise standards and enhance the management of safety and health concerns at a worksite. ConSASS can be used as a tool for cross-comparison of workplaces in terms of how well they manage workplace safety. and health risks.

Benefits of ConSASS for Construction Companies
As a result of the ConSASS audit, construction companies are able to visualize the status of different safety and health management components quickly and easily. Additionally, the audit allows for cross-comparison of the effectiveness of the safety and health management system on the sites, thereby facilitating resource allocation for improving the system. Additionally, it can motivate employees to strive for better safety and health management.

The ConSASS aims to provide:
 By standardizing audit checklists and adopting a common audit scoring system, a unified assessment method can be achieved. As a result, auditing will become more consistent and worksite capabilities in managing WSH risks can be compared.
 Worksite SHMS maturity profiles can be generated based on each element's maturity level. To improve their SHMS' overall maturity to manage WSH risks, the Management of the worksite can systematically focus on specific elements