07-Nov-2023 12:12 PM

1. CONDO, the word refer the small portion like a flat
2. Condominium means the number the flats or apartment or building.
3. So it needs some workers for doing work inside the condominium building. 
4. That particular workers take some courses like work at height rescue course, personal fall protection course etc.
5. In some condo, sports coach gymnastics and personal trainers are also available. 
6. Their responsibilities are to conduct classes inside the condominium playground or their respective places.
7. So they can take some first aid course.
8. If the people those who are inside the condominium wants to take any course surely they attend the class. 
9. In our dynamic safety, we have some courses with SDU Points. 
10.Our safety training courses are approved by SSG with SDF Funding and we have MOM approved courses also.