Chinese New Year Round the Corner

08-May-2023 17:00 PM

Chinese New Year Round the Corner:

For many it’s a time to celebrate the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one, at home and cooking a special meal for family and friends.  
With people spending more time at home - cooking while entertaining or relaxing with family or friends, the risk of fire increases. People are more likely to be distracted during this time of year and therefore more vulnerable to fire.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Preparation is essential – prior to going anywhere during spring festival, ensure you know your schedule well. Check the local news and any travel security alerts you may have received from your assistance provider. If you plan on travelling, ensure that you have copies of all essential travel documents including passport, insurance documents and any details of medication. Please note that during the holiday season, hospitals and clinics in China will have reduced staff and services, so please check the schedule of available services in your local hospital.
  • Travel will be a challenge – if you plan on moving around during Chinese New Year, book tickets well in advance. Tickets for planes, trains and other forms of transport will be sold out quickly and will become more expensive as the holiday approaches. Due to the number of people travelling expect delays and set aside more time to make a journey. Long queues and big crowds can be expected at the security checks of railway stations in major cities. Additionally, major airports will experience bigger crowds and extra time should be planned for immigration and security checks. 
  • Stay alert in crowds – where possible, avoid crowded places and if you do find yourself in a crowd, remain vigilant, with a planned exit route if necessary. Theft and petty crimes can be prevalent in crowds so be on your guard and make sure your possessions and valuables are in a safe place. 
  • Avoid Petty Crime – despite the increased police presence during the festival season, petty crime is a concern in crowded places in China, especially at this time of the year. Common crimes to be aware of are theft of cell phones, wallets and jewellery, confidence scams, fake train tickets, counterfeit bank notes and the theft of bank or credit card information. Travellers are advised to monitor and guard their own belongings carefully, take precautions when using the ATM and other cash/credit devices, not to expose signs of wealth, and not to trust strangers easily.    
  • Watch out for fireworks – when lighting fireworks never put any part of your body over the firework and move immediately to a safe distance after the firework has been ignited. Never let children light fireworks and don’t try to re-ignite or handle them if they don’t ignite properly. Finally, once you have finished, water down all remaining fireworks to ensure there is no risk of fire or unplanned explosions.


With the holiday season afoot, individuals are feeling bubbly – including at work. In any case, regardless of whether you're beautifying your work space or partaking in the workplace potluck, security ought to dependably remain a top need

Here are the accompanying tips to help counteract wounds while celebrating at work.

Don’t stand on a chair to hang embellishments. Utilize a stepladder, and make a point to peruse and follow the guidelines and notices on the label. What's more, never hang enhancements from flame sprinklers – they will forestall the sprinklers from operating appropriately. Federal agency laws state that stacked materials ought to never be nearer than 18 crawls underneath flame sprinklers.

Wanting to string embellishing lights or other electrical things in your workspace???

Here Some of the Tips at Workplace

  • Make certain that every single electrical appliance is affirmed by a broadly perceived testing lab.
  • Review all lights, enhancement and additional strings for harm before making use of it.
  • Abstain from over-burdening electrical outlets with an excessive number of adornments or electrical gadgets – they can overheat and cause a fire.
  • Never attempt to make a three-prong connect fit to a two-prong outlet.
  • Kill all indoor and open air electrical embellishments before clearing out.

In case you'll be utilizing an electrical line:

  • Abstain from putting additional strings in high-activity ranges of your working environment, or under mats, floor coverings or furniture.
  • Never endeavour to expand the length of an electrical rope by interfacing it to another additional rope.
  • Never nail or staple electrical strings to dividers – doing as such may harm existing wire protection.
  • Try not to place additional lines in dividers or roofs, as this can over heat the string.