Chemical Safety Awareness Course(CSAC)

17-May-2023 15:11 PM
•    This program aims to educate workers in industries about various hazards associated with chemicals and how to handle them safely. Participants should be able to
•    Identify the types of chemicals and their hazards.
•    Be sure to read the Material Safety Data Sheet carefully.
•    Handle hazardous materials safely by explaining and applying safe practices.
•    Safety Committee Members, Competent Persons, Chemical Handlers, and Lab Personnel.
•    An understanding of common regulations regarding the handling and transportation of chemicals
•    An understanding of Chemical Hazard classes and their risks
•    Understanding the labeling and standardization of chemical hazards
•   Understanding and interpreting Safety Data Sheets Basic chemical handling, the “Do’s and Don’t s”
•    Understanding basic chemical handling, the “Do’s and Don’ts”
•    Recognizing safe and unsafe practices - mistakes to avoid Control and mitigation equipment
•     Course Fee    :   $120.00 + GST
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