bizSAFE level 1

17-May-2023 15:08 PM

course Name: Workshop for CEO/Top Management.

Company CEO or Top management person attend the Course. Course Duration: 3 hours Course.Cost: $75+GST.The individual certificate has lifetime validity. bizSAFE level 1 company certificate is 6-month validity. bizSAFE level 1 is not a renewal process. bizSAFE level 1 individual certificate is lifetime valid. Individual Certificate is provided by Dynamic Safety Pte Ltd. bizSAFE level 1 company certificate is provided by the WSH council.
1. It improves employee safety and health.
2. Improve business competitiveness.
3. Be recognized by bizSAFE partners and the industry.
4. It will improve your business opportunities.
5. Easily get the contract.
6. Audit risk is reduced.