Basic Traffic Management Course

17-May-2023 15:12 PM

           This course will cover efficient planning, management, traffic control in the construction zone, and public safety.
          Attendees will learn correct management for traffic control and road safety in addition to successful planning based on earlier case studies.

The Traffic Control Code of Practice: An Introductory

  •   Understanding and utilising traffic safety equipment; basic sign usage;  
  •   How to install traffic signs; 
  •   How to install other traffic devices
  •  Operation Instructions for Manually Operated Stop/Go Signs for Delineation and Channelization Project managers, engineers, and supervisors who must deal with traffic as part of their jobs should have the following equipment: an impact attenuator, visibility-improving devices, a traffic control plan, and impact attenuators.

Course Duration1 Day (8 hours)
Course Fee     $250.00 + GST
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