"Tips to reduce the risk of injury among your office staff"

05-May-2023 17:04 PM

It's reasonably apparent that both safety and health hazards can exist on worksites accumulated with heavy machineries and equipment, where employees frequently are required to engage in arduous labor manually. 

A field where most of the tasks are completed while sitting on a chair in a climate-controlled office building would seem comparatively less replete with danger. However, surprisingly a number of troubles and dangers can be there present in an office setting.

Stay away from any disarrays
Boxes, files and such different items wrapped together in walkways can bring out a situation of plenty tripping hazards in accordance with OSHA. Be sure that all materials are properly placed and safely stored at their right location to prevent buildup of clutter in walkways. Moreover, in addition to posing an electrical hazard, stretching cords across walkways as well as under rugs creates a tripping hazard too, so ensure that every cord is appropriately secured and covered. 

Step Forward
Standing on chairs – specifically the rolling office chairs – is an obvious fall troublesome. Employees who wish to reach something at a glorious height must utilize a stepladder. Workers should avoid climbing higher than the step indicated or marked as the highest and the last safe standing level.  

A clear line of vision must be maintained
At Dynamic safety, Employees can slam into while making turns in the hallways and around blind corners or cubicle walls. The National Safety Council advocates to install convex mirrors at intersections to reduce any chance of accident of any sort. If workers would be able to see clearly that who is coming around the corner, collisions are less likely to occur anymore.  

Get a perfect grip
Carpeting and other skid-resistant surfaces of good quality and brand can serve to reduce the falling chances. According to the National Safety Council ‘by the course of time marbles or tiles becomes extremely slippery – particularly when wet what causes great chances of unwanted sudden fall’. Placing carpets down can be especially helpful at entranceways, where workers are likely to be coming in with wet-shoes due to rain, snow or other source of water from outside. 

Shut the drawer carefully
File cabinets with too many fully extended drawers could tip over if they are not secured, the council warns. , open drawers on desks and file cabinets pose a tripping hazard, so be sure always to close these drawers completely when not in use.