"Tips for a safe Christmas Celebration"

05-May-2023 15:13 PM

The holiday season for Christmas celebration has fallen again and we are in the happiest times of the year to enjoy. But unfortunately, it is also the time of the year when people are most likely to bring harm to themselves through preventable accidents.

While we enjoy the precious and memorable moments with our friends and family that this season brings, we ask everybody to keep a proper focus on safety, both at the workplace and at home. Stay mindful of the potential hazards and dangers that can bring unwanted tragedy to our lives.

As we celebrate, let’s remain studious in our efforts to protect the safety and health of all in every concern. It’s quite easy to lose focus on matters that may seem routine when so much is going on. During the times like this, our thoughts are frequently elsewhere rather than remaining on the important duties you may be exercising.

Do always keep in mind – The typical workplace can be a complex place too!

Try to maintain your focus on safety by taking a minute to think about the task at hand as you go about your daily work. Pay proper attention for safety measures during this wonderful season and let’s make sure everybody goes safely home for the holidays.

Here we point out some of the important "Safety Tips that we must follow on Christmas"

Always be aware of fire-

As well as candles and Christmas lights, be aware of the other sources of fire in the home and always use a spark guard too on open fires. Keep children, children’s clothes, and mantelpiece decorations and discarded wrapping paper away from fires.

Do ensure that cigarette butts are extinguished and ashtrays are emptied safely with good care. Check your smoke alarm is in good condition and active. Always dispose the discarded wrapping papers, plastic bags, ribbons, string, plastic tags, used batteries etc. as soon as they’re not needed any more. Make sure younger children don’t play with anything that could cause suffocation at random.

Mind the electrics:

While purchasing toys with electrical parts or a transformer always take care and read carefully the safety instructions. The device or the toy should be properly insulated and protected to prevent any risk of contact with live wires.

Never mix old and new or different strength batteries in the toy. That can make the old or weaker batteries very hot as well.

Keep a keen eye out for the miniature batteries which are generally used in watches and musical toys – these too could be swallowed by curious toddlers.

And if your Christmas lights look worn, it is much safer to replace them altogether then and there instead of repairing them.

If bulbs blow, replace them with the right one of the same voltage and wattage and never forget to unplug the set of lights while replacing bulbs.

During Set-Up:

Unwind all extensions in order to avoid the chances of overheating.

Be sure to check the following:
Inspect carefully the plugs and lamp holders for exposed wires or obvious damage.
Must follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety warnings. Ensure all lights and extensions are used for what they are intended for.
Do not alter or modify any lighting equipment unnecessarily. For example, never try to overload the lighting chains.
Test your lights before installing them.
Make sure the decoration light chains are kept at a safe distance away from flammable objects.

After Set-Up:

Make sure that the power is switched off while putting your Christmas safety tips to lights up or changing light bulbs.

Lights off, lights out. Turn off all the lights on trees and other decorations when you go to bed or leave the house. Avoid to switch on before proper testing if any short circuit has occurred.

Avoid using indoor lighting outside your house because the wires may not be insulated to withstand wet or windy weather. This may result in fires, electric shocks, or injuries.

"So enhance your happiness with a Safe Christmas"