"The Importance of Extension Cord Safety in Work Place"

05-May-2023 17:43 PM

With the evolution of electronics in the world life has become comparably easy. Extension cord is very useful in everyone’s life be it indoor outdoor but due to lack of its knowledge it becomes life threatening. Even though it’s not much expensive but can cause damage to our expensive tools and appliances. It is quite strange that during purchase of our gadgets and appliances we get cautious about its safety and care for eg when we purchase laptop we also look for anti viruses for its safety and for smart phones we get it insured. But at the same time When  we purchase extension cords  we are not that cautious about it standards and specifications .At work place also we jump to get our work done at the earliest   and we end  up purchasing  extension cords that are not suitable for our use.

Voltage plays an important role in extension cord. So its efficiency and voltage are important aspects to be reviewed upon. Even at our workplace extension cord has become very important but at the same time it brings in many threats to the safety of employees. This is all because of lack of knowledge and precaution that we do not think upon. Fire, sparks, blasts, short circuits incidents are most commonly heard at our nearby places. Thus, it should be made mandatory to read and follow all the instructions carefully written on the extension cords.

Here are some of the instructions which should be followed at work place to avoid any mishappening to occur. Before using cords at work place or any indoor places it should be well examined for any damage. Extension cords are all well lab tested so the mark of its testing should be checked before use. Extension cords should never be placed in water as water is a good conductor of electricity .Extension cords are the temporary solution so should not be used in place of permanent wiring. It should only be plugged in when in use and should be plugged out when not.

We at work place and home overload the cords with many tools which can prove to be dangerous .The plugs of the cords should never be forced to fit in. Use of the cords those are running through water or under carpets or rugs should be abandoned.