"Stress and Heart Health"

05-May-2023 17:56 PM

It is comparatively easy to sort out the causes that stress us out usually related to money, a failing relationship, a workplace issue or any medical condition. In a nutshell, it’s a combination of various internal and external aspects.

Stress is perceived as a cause of a single major issue which is health related problems, but we are completely wrong here as it has multifold effects on our body and lives, either directly or indirectly. When an employee get any stress related illness he/she is not the only one faces monetary and health losses but more or less their employer and company are subjected to the same fate too as even a single employee’s absence is enough to bring down the productivity especially if he/she is dealing with some big responsibility.

Health Stress reduction, cardiovascular health and workplace productivity make merry together so it’s obvious to deal them simultaneously. To deal with such issues the imperativeness of EHS professionals comes into play. They are trained to handle such problems at organisational level and their skillset helps them to do so to ensure workers as well as company’s health.

  1. Being positive while communicating with workers can upsurge employee self-esteem and later could help them regulate stress. Instead of pointing out what they did wrong when it comes to safety, detecting what they are doing accurate is just as significant.
  2. When stress makes, you feel bad, doing something that you admire and love creates a lot of difference. Finding or creating a hobby/passion is the most reliable and natural way to keep peaceful, and heartening your staffs to do the same could turn out to be valuable.
  3. Working long hours is common in every workplace. So, to retain the productivity high short breaks and relaxation sessions are necessary to relieve stress, anxiety and body achesthat calm the tension in your mind and body. Exercises like yoga and meditation can also be a gamechanger to ensure a happier workforce.

Most of the times Stress-conscious EHS professionals and companies might prove to be a key for a healthier and industrious employee.