"Save a New Born Through Child First Aid Course for Infant"

05-May-2023 15:48 PM

If you're a parent/ grandparent or if you work with or for children in any way; learning first aid will proffer you a brilliant confidence to save a life when it really counts and will support you too to nourish it in the right way.

The Child First Aid Course for Infants Care is a tremendously beneficial First Aid and CPR program that covers all emergencies in children that can happen at any spur of the moment either at home or at play. It also has special additional coverage of child safety topics to support the custodian to identify any sort of hazard and prevent accidents.

With our first aid advice for parents, we cover a complete range of different conditions and techniques – from knowing how to put a child or infant in the recovery position if they are unresponsive but only breathing, how to give Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the right way….., if required really.

Course Contents:

Principles and Practice of First Aid.
Respiration, Choking, Breathing Difficulties.
Wounds, Bleeding & Shock.
Skin Injuries – Bites & Stings, Burns.
Medical Illnesses – Common Childhood Conditions.
Fits, Faints, Unconsciousness, Head, Neck, Spine Injury.
Fractures, Injuries to Joints & Soft Tissues.
Circulation, CPR and
Casualty Handling.

Let us learn the Child First Aid Course which is designed to equip Infant Care / Child Care Personnel with the necessary First Aid Skill to handle emergencies while taking care of one’s child, learning this Course may support and save a life to live long.