"Safety Pays for Everyone"

05-May-2023 17:47 PM

Injuries at workplace do not only hamper the individual’s health but also affects directly or indirectly the profitability and health. It doesn’t only lowers the productivity but puts extra work burden on the other colleagues too as they have to bear the brunt of the absence.

The effect can be felt in various verticals in an organisation:

For Workers

  1. Accidents and injuries, especially the long ones affects heavily the life of workers as well as their depandables,.
  2. For workers, injuries or illnesses can cause:
  1. Threat to life eg. physical disability or death
  2. Trauma and painfull suffering
  3. Loss to personal Savings
  4. Regular Income Loss
  5. Jolt to long term financial as well as life related planning
  6. Sometimes job loss and career issues,
  1. Workers may also sufferfrom low sense of worth, loss of authority, mental issues along with some long term other medical problems as a side effect.

For Employers

  1. A safe and health safety ready job environment do not only assure workers efficient productivity but also help them feel safe,
  2. At the same time it minimises the injury expenditures, lowers the absenteeism that in turn increase productivity and quality, and boostmember of staffdrive. So, safety is good for business.
  3. For small businesses which arethriving to sustain in the market even a single injury be fatal for their financial health and sometimes it results into shut down.
  4. In broad terms costs to a business include:
  1. Bigger workers' compensation and health insurance costs
  2. Damage to equipment, machinery and sometimes to the whole industrial setup
  3. Hiring and training for talent aquisition
  4. High revenue and working hours

Safety Pays for Everyone

More energized and satisfied workline and comparatively a higher quality ofproducts and service offerings are some of the broad benefits associated with safe and healthy workplaces.

If a simple maths is performed then the cost of injury prevention is anytime way less than the expenditure burden created from an injury practically. A safe and healthy workplace attractbright minds and also retains the old & loyal quality staffline.So consulting to a safety management firm is more obvious and a way better option.

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