"Safety Crane Operation"

08-May-2023 16:49 PM

In Construction and Manufacturing Industry usage of crane plays a vital role. It helps for a safer Operation while transporting. Technology has been developed for these operations including Safety training and workplace precautions. Worker should have the adequate knowledge of their Safety while doing Crane Operation. It reduces the risk of accidents or any near misses. We can prevent accidents by taking refresher Course or attending workshop like Work Shop to Enhance Safety Crane Operation which helps the Crane professional stay up to date.

Dynamic Safety provide Work Shop to Enhance Safety Crane Operation

The Workshop to Enhance the Safety of Crane Operation (WESCO) is a training workshop for MOM registered crane operators to raise their safety competencies in the operation of cranes. Topics covered include safety practices for crane operations, updates on safety laws and regulations, safe lifting practices and lessons learnt from recent crane-related accidents.