"Safety - It's a Choice Not a Chance"

05-May-2023 18:10 PM

When it comes about working outside the most common notion arises in the mind of the worker is the Safety and security during the working hours to avoid any injury, accident or causalities and it’s nothing but nature of any living organism specially humans to stay safe in his or her surroundings.

And as it was rightly said that Charity Begins at home, an attitude of wellbeing must start at the top line of any organisation so that it can flow properly to pass through the lower line that comprises staff and workers, the engine of the firm.

By integrating safety into the work culture, we at Dynamic Safety Pte Ltd attempts to create a merit of safety industry and value addition to the supply line.

To ensure efficacy and proper safety management a Well-defined Security program is must and ideally constitutes some basic elements. These ideals cover:

Proper Hazard Scrutiny: An effective Company Safety Program sets forth actions to examine the jobsite and categorize prevailing threats and conditions of operations in which even a slight change can be enough to give rise to new hazards.

Suitable Control and Prevention Mechanisms: A Well-Planned safety program houses Preventive measures and controlling Mechanisms to rectify as well as control the present and forthcoming both hazards on the jobsite.

Health and Safety Training: Adaptability is the key and the best way to fight with any problem is by preventing it to occur. In order to get calamity ready these Training sessions help a lot to the workers as well as the organizationin reducing and further minimizing the potential hazards.

Role of Communication: A channelized communication through the organisation is a symbol of successful safety operations. In an outdoor production firm there are instances when major talks held between the managers and supervisors is limited to the productivity with little attention on safety measures and this creates a psychological blockage in the minds of workers that productivity is the ultimate goal which leaves a very tiny scope for safety concerns.