(OT) Overtime Exemption Audit

17-May-2023 15:24 PM
Overtime Exemption Audits measure the risk levels of work performed in an organization over a period of time exceeding 12 hours.
To complete this audit, 1 man-day is required. Overtime Exemption audits are conducted on businesses that qualify.
The audit will be conducted by MOM Approved Auditor employed by a MOM Approved Auditing Company. During the audit, documents are analyzed, site checks are conducted to verify the implementation of risk control measures, and key personnel is interviewed.
We are a MOM-approved auditing firm that provides mandatory & non-mandatory internal audits in Singapore. There are a number of professional auditors at Dynamic Safety Pte Ltd who have extensive experience in a variety of industries. Our service is very cost-effective, customized to your needs, and available throughout the island.