"Multi-Skilled Scheme: A new perspective"

05-May-2023 16:46 PM

 ‘Multi – Skilled’ striking one’s mind at the first time

The literal or traditional meaning of the term is nothing but ‘possessing distinctive qualities in more than one Skill or area of expertise’.

It may be anything, for instance - a Person may be good at Math’s and at the same time also possess a brilliant mind in Physics too – Multi Skilled.

When the matter comes to workplace, the phrase ‘Multi-Skilled’ acquires a number of different skills, enabling them to do more than one Kind of Work at a time. The development of more adaptable, multi-skilled workforce, capable of moving with the times.

Inside an Organization

A company with multi-skilled employees has a flexible workforce, which provides the employer with the ability to schedule and arrange workers to best suit in accordance with the nature of the business. Workers are able to fill in for absent employees and regulates his experience in any area of the business that requires increased manpower at any spur of the moment, and for any duration. This allows the business owner to maintain production levels under many different circumstances that would otherwise leave workers dabble or profits left away of the table.

A business with a multi-skilled labor force can operate with a reduced number of employees necessary to conduct business. Workers who are skilled in any single area of the business may sit idle while waiting for work to become available. A multi-skilled workforce moves with the workload in lieu of waiting for the work to come to them. This results in fewer idle work hours, which lessens the cost to the owner of the business.

Multi-skilled workers are never threatened by rituals and customs when new technology changes the method of production, as workers love to learn new skills typically can adapt to changes in production. Employee satisfaction enhances morality in a business, which leads to increase in productivity and employee retention rates too.

If an Organization has implemented Multi Skilled Scheme, which increase in Productivity and also saves the Workers Levy, the Multi-skilling scheme would provide an alternative pathway for the industry to upgrade their experienced workers from Basic Skilled R2 to Higher Skilled R1 workers. The Multi-skilling scheme aims to build up a pool of workers who are competent in multiple skill dedicated and wish to carry out more than one tasks at the site.

All registered multi-skilled workers must meet the Continuing Education & Training (CET) requirements before renewing their registration after every 2 years.

If one is in Safety related work site you have 120 Hrs. of training for Non Skilled based with minimum 50 hours of training in Certain Courses within certain Eligibility Criteria.