"Lifting and Carrying of Heavy Objects"

05-May-2023 17:00 PM

Lifting and carrying of heavy objects is a common term exercised by many workers across the world which requires a perfect training under the extreme supervision of experts. If performed improperly, lifting and carrying items can lead to physical injuries as well as a massive loss too. Common materials-handling injuries include strains and sprains (specifically to the back), cuts, fractures, bruises etc.

Some important points must be kept in mind-


  • Eliminate or avoid manual lifting whenever possible to reduce injuries.
  • Always stay in right physical posture if lifting items is a part of your job.
  • Keep materials within easy reach and have handling aids around in case you need them.
  • Make sure you have a good grip on any item you attempt to lift. Test the weight and balance of items before moving them. If found too heavy, get a mechanical lifting aid or ask a co-worker to assist.
  • Keep the lifted item close to your body. Ensure your feet are close to the load, stand in a stable position with your feet pointed in the direction you’re moving, and lift mostly by straightening your legs.


  • Twist your back or bend in a sideways direction.
  • Attempt to lift or lower an object if you’re in an awkward position.
  • Feel compelled to lift an item that is too heavy – get help instead.
  • Lift or lower an object if your arms are extended.
  • Continue to lift an item for long if you realize it’s too heavy.
  • Lift above your shoulders or below your knees.  

Henceforth, we can turn our lifting and carrying troubles into easy services by implementing the above points with adequate care which would help us to cater a safe service too.