"Hazard Alert : Scaffolding"

05-May-2023 18:07 PM

While Building a new one or renovating an old building, Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction procedure. Reasons are numeral but scaffolding procedure is mainly popular for its low cost, easy availability and adaptability. While it has some amazing advantages at the same time it poses numeral risks to the workers and their health owing to its physically exposed nature.

If OSHA observations to be believed thensome sixty percent of the construction industry works on scaffolds, which is approximately two and half million workers. Shielding these workers from possible risks could save some fifty to sixty deaths, close to five thousand injuries and some ninety million dollars in costs every year. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics study, around seventy percent of labors incapacitated in scaffold misfortunes ascribed the accident either to the sustenance giving way, or to the operator skidding or being bump into by a dropping item.

To stay safe while scaffolding operations, it’s better to go by strictly an OSHA recommendation which entails:

  1. In snowy, icy or oily situations it’s advisable to avoid any scaffolding work especially after fresh snowfall or oil spread. Either wait to settle it or in case of emergency remove either of them first and then only start the work.
  2. Proper and adequate use of use footings that are side by side and stiff enough to support loads without dwindling away. Also, refrain from overcapacity a scaffold beyond its determined load bearing capacity.
  3. Avoid mixing scaffolding components from two different producers unless you’re one hundred percent sure that you can do so safely. Still better to avoid it.
  4. To prevent swaying and dislodgment steadily bracing and tying of equipments are must. Also, always go by the builder’s guidelines before the mounting of both ties and braces.
  5. Regular Inspection of the scaffold before every opening shift by a well trained and competent person strictly according to OSHA’s scaffolding standard definitions