"First Aid Course for the Workplace"

05-May-2023 15:51 PM

To have adequate first aid equipment and properly trained first aid professionals at the workplace, both minor and major accidents along with other illnesses symptoms can be treated immediately for some extent and lives may be saved easily.

To recruit qualified first aid experts with good experience at the workplace is a legal mandate as well for all construction companies. Though accidents can be checked, they can still occur so it’s important to be prepared with proper safety measures and first aid remedies. Having profoundly trained first aid personnel at the site will ensure that if an emergency arises, it will be dealt with in a prompt and effective manner with immediate effects.

A certified first aid training course can provide you with thorough knowledge and practical skills to deal with different medical scenarios. Many companies choose to train their staff for first aid that may bring a higher level of safety to the workplace.

Duration for occupational first aid training course

Under the extreme guidance of highly qualified, certified and well-experienced experts a training course generally runs over a minimum of three days or twenty-four hours with a two-hour assessment.

A need for additional training to first aiders

Occupational first aiders need additional specialized training if employees exposed to any special hazards at a workplace, such as:

Risk of poisoning by toxic substances, as certain cyanides and related compounds.

Risk of burns from corrosive or oxidizing substances, like hydrofluoric acid.

Risk of accidental exposure to dangerous substances, such as toxic, irritant or asphyxiate gases, requiring oxygen for resuscitation.

Other specific risks identified in the safety statement.

Additional provisions in other regulations for example administration of oxygen.

Contents for the Course

  • Principles and Practice of First Aid.
  • First Aid Requirements in Factories and other Workplaces.
  • Fractures and Soft Tissue Injuries.
  • Handling and Transportation of the Injured.
  • Cardio – Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & use of AED.
  • Breathing Difficulties.
  • The Unconscious Patient.
  • Occupational Eye Injuries.
  • Burn Injuries.
  • Industrial Toxicology.
  • Safety & Accident Prevention.
  • Management of Medical Emergencies.

Any individual with a relevant interest in first aid or has been assigned a WSH-related role in a company may go for this course. He or She must be physically fit and able to render help boldly to another individual during an emergency without any sort of hesitation.

The First Aid Course is designed in such a way to equip safety personnel with the knowledge in identifying accidents with casualties and to perform first aid skills excellently at the workplace.