"Distracted Driving must be Avoided"

05-May-2023 17:09 PM

“Life is Precious and don’t lose it futilely”

Throughout the world, on a large scale, the use of cell phones has become a part of the culture we live in, but in fact, no phone call or any text is worth a life. Using a cell phone while driving whether hands-free or handheld – is extremely a dangerous and risky activity. You can miss seeing up to 50 percent of the roadway environment when you are driving and talking on a cell phone. The following are some easy applicable steps to check the bad habit of using a cell phone while driving:

Schedule calls for times only when you are not driving.

Let people understand must not to call you when you are driving.

Plan your day in advance that may ensure you need to make a call while commuting.

Make changing to your voicemail in order to send a message stating that if you didn’t answer, you are either busy or driving and will call back later.

If a ringing phone is too tempting, turn your phone in silent or vibrating mode before driving, or place it in the trunk or glove box.

Call-blocking technology can also be utilized when driving.

Do remember that hands-free devices do not make you safer, as they do not reduce Cognitive Distraction in the brain.

Hence, please do keep in mind that “Prevention has always been considered more significant than cure”. A little ignorance would push you in a big loss, so please do follow the above instructions with care and attention. Dynamic Safety is always ready to encourage your knowledge through providing the right suggestions and training.