"Construction Safety Course for Project Managers"

08-May-2023 16:52 PM

Construction Industry plays a very important role nowadays. If you are working on a building site as a Project Manager, you should be aware of Health and Safety Considerations for the Team.

They should take the relevant training and the have to make sure that the team members have training too.

In Dynamic Safety we have CSCPM Course Construction Safety Course for Project Managers.

This helps to familiarize the Participants on:

WSH Act & Subsidiary Legislation
Safety and Health hazards in the Construction Industry
How to prevent accidents in Construction Worksites
Implementation of Safety and Health Management system

This course is an any mandatory training course for individuals who are appointed as a Project Manager to be in charge of all construction activities in building and engineering construction worksites of a contract sum of $10 million or more shall attend the Construction Safety Course for Project Managers before undertaking such project.